Reduces ripple & noise by up to 45dB on the DC power supply rails.
About Us

" . . . time and time again, a very convincing but enjoyable experience . . . as we do know our equipment quite well, the difference between with and without MRs was even more impressive than in Vegas."

Norbert Mundorf, Mundorf Capacitors

Bybee Labs, Inc. was co-founded by Jack Bybee, long time innovator in the audio industry. After more than two years in development, the Bybee MUSIC RAIL™ was introduced January 6, 2011. Scott Frankland handles product development applications and production.

There are four versions, all manufactured in the United States for quality and control. Our goal is to provide excellent, prompt service to clients around the world.

MUSIC RAILS are the first in a series of new products enabled by the company's new and exclusive technology.

Reduces power supply noise up to 45dB.


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