Reduces ripple & noise by up to 45dB on the DC power supply rails.

 What The Reviewers Are Saying:

"Perhaps the most immediate noticeable change is in the speed and impact of leading-edge transients. On piano, to me the toughest test of an audio system, I now hear a more physical weight from the leading edge of the hammers striking the strings, especially from the left side of the keyboard. But every leading edge transient is affected. It's not surprising to have a bass drum strike rattle my breastbone, but it is a new thrill to perceive so clearly, the attack of a trumpet ..."

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"It never ceases to amaze me what noise sounds like once it is removed from a system. Distortions, whatever the type, always seem to have the most negative impact on the high frequencies. Harmonics are frequently interrupted and have a way of sounding edgy, lacking true color and tonal pitch with excess emphasis on instrumental outlines rather than the whole: the entire body. It took all of one A/B for me to fully understand the magnitude of the Bybee Music Rails. Everything became fuller, richer in both texture and body with a characteristic detachment from a source. In effect, it sounded as if the loudspeakers had left the room."

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The Music Rail reduces power supply noise up to 45 dB.

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