Reduces ripple & noise by up to 45dB on the DC power supply rails.
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A. 15-Amp Bybee Music Rail™
1.7"L x 1.45"W x 0.45"H

B.  2-Amp Bybee Music Rail™ 1.7"L x 1.45"W x 0.25"H

Both modules are available in positive and negative versions.

"My first impression is one word, 'SLAM'. Greater dynamics, greater speed, greater detail at both frequency extremes, greater stereo separation -- everything arising out of a great silent void. These comments are after applying the devices to only the +5 volt digital section of a new DAC. I can't wait to hear the effect on the analog output section."

Stephen Balliet, Reflection Audio Design


Never before have equipment manufacturers had such an efficient way to reduce signal and noise on the power supply rails. Unwanted noise power is reduced by a factor of 32,000 times.* There is also measurably less interference among audio stages on the power supply rail due to nearly zero impedance output. Sonically, this results in a blacker background, faster transients, sharper image focus, better bass punch, more detail and improved definition.

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"We are currently using the Music Rails in a dual mono power supply application within a tube linestage. Upon first listen, it was immediately apparent that there was a greater sense of dynamic attack and speed throughout the entire frequency range. They turned an already very low noise floor into a deep space black background. They will be seen in additional Purity Audio Design products. Another revolutionary product from the Bybee name"

Bill Baker, Purity Audio Design

*Suppression factors may vary. Output noise equals either raw supply noise minus suppression or DCPC noise floor, whichever is higher.

Reduces power supply noise up to 45dB.

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